Obama’s $4,000 Bribe

January 21, 2018

Obama’s $4,000 Bribe

One of the very first thoughts that entered my mind after reading about the $4,000 tax credit contained within Obama’s so-called “jobs bill” was — government subsidized discrimination.  Obama’s plan essentially provides the employer with incentive to discriminate against those who have been recently laid-off, or even those that are currently employed but possess the selfish desire to improve their lives through seeking better prospects elsewhere.  If there are multiple candidates jockeying for the same position, the deciding factor will no longer be which has the best qualifications, but rather which one happens to have been unemployed for at least 6 months.

 And now I just learned that the bill contains an element that would actually allow employees to sue those that didn’t hire them if they felt “discriminated” against for being one of the long-term unemployed.  Thank you to American Thinker and Ed Lasky for the heads-up on that little gem.

 Message to employers — only hire the long-term unemployed to collect your Obama-bucks.  Message to employees — enjoy your 6 months of paid vacation (at taxpayers’ expense) and don’t even bother looking for work until you are once again deemed “hirable”.  Message to entrepreneurial slackers — go trolling for potential lawsuits.

 PerhapsObama is just trying to one-up those “civilized” Europeans by proposing to provide much more lavish time off from work for Americans than even those in the EU receive?  If these tax credits are made permanent he’ll be able to campaign on having created yearly six-month-long vacations for all. 

 Here is another message to employers.   Join club-crony and lay-off your current employees so you can cash-in by hiring those long-term unemployed (thanks to Obama there are more and more “tax credits” to choose from every day).  This process could even be continually repeated if structured properly.

 This could potentially be a win/win/win/win for several groups — at least until the well runs dry.  Employers win by collecting millions of tax credits. Employees win by receiving a much-needed vacation and can finally scoff at the “unjust” working conditions of our allies in the EU as horribly oppressive.  Lawyers win by having an increased pool of government created lawsuits.  Obama wins by creating millions of rested and happy voters.  Sorry, there appears to be no room for the tax payer in this “winning” scenario (I know; tax payers include employers and employees).

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