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Hollywood Hypocrisy in the Hypokrisis Industry

My article as originally published in American Thinker:

Some of the most outspoken critics of the “income  disparity” that exists within the free-market capitalist system can be found in  Hollywood, where you’ll also happen to find some of the most prosperous  beneficiaries of the very system they criticize.  What Hollywood so  conveniently ignores is the mammoth “income disparity” and gluttonous (by their  own standards for others) behavior within its own industry.

The origin of the words “hypocrisy” and “hypocrite”  comes from the Greek words hypokrisis, which in part means  “play-acting,” and hypokrites, which in part means “play-actor.”   It’s ironic that hypokrites engaged in the art of hypokrisis have no problem amassing  enormous piles of wealth while at the same time hypocritically  denouncing the capitalist system that enabled them to create that wealth in the  first place.  Evidently, it’s greedy to be wealthy only if you earn your  millions while on the outside of their tiny elitist circle of  privilege.

Hollywood should be thanking its lucky stars that it  exists at all, as it is nothing more than the byproduct (some would argue that  it’s the type that’s better flushed) of the tremendous prosperity that only a  free-market system allows to be created.  It’s no coincidence that you  won’t find its true equivalent in people’s paradises such as Cuba and North  Korea.

Perhaps it’s time Hollywood quits the act  and starts living by the far-left socialist ideas it embraces and has been preaching for so long.   Here are a few ideas that, if implemented, can help save the denizens of  Hollywood from the stigma of being hypocrites as defined  today.

First: many of the high rollers in Hollywood claim  that it’s not “fair” that a CEO makes upwards of 700 times the amount of the  average worker within a corporation.  But a lead actor or actress can make  well in excess of $100K a day during a movie shoot, while someone like the prop  guy most likely makes little more than $100 a day.  If Hollywood elites  truly have a problem with “income disparity,” they should lead by example —  i.e., stop “taking” so much income for themselves and start spreading that  wealth equally amongst all of those “exploited” workers involved in the  production of these movies.  Since they condemn what others outside their  industry do with their earnings, I think it’s fair to ask: do they  really need to have multiple mansions, dozens of cars, and monthly  $150K parties?  There’s no need to wait for government to force these  changes upon them.  They are free to start their ascent from the depths of  hypocrisy at this very minute.

Second: since Hollywood embraces far-left ideology,  the stars should start producing movies with a biased, far-left slant.  Oh,  wait — they already do that.  Okay — they should just stop trying to hide  that bias and present fiction as fiction instead of fact, as they do  now.

Third: there doesn’t seem to be much diversity in  Hollywood (the timing of Halle Berry’s Oscar shows how far behind the times they  are), but its members certainly expect it from everyone else.  When was the  last time you saw JFK or Jackie O portrayed by black, Hispanic, or Asian  actors?  If they feel so strongly about diversity, they should first  enforce it within their own industry and ensure that more of the lead roles are  filled by minorities, regardless of their ability to authentically play  the part they’re given.  Racial quotas in Hollywood should be enacted and  embraced without hesitation.

Fourth: movies that rake in huge profits at the box  office should happily share those profits with those other movies that are less  fortunate at the box office.  Perhaps those profits can all be placed into  one pool for all to share equally.  That “B” movie stigma can finally be  eradicated.

Finally: Hollywood should put aside the fiscal  realities of what it costs to produce one of their films.  The typical  family of four can barely afford their “right” to go to the movies anymore.   Talk about corporate greed!  How about price controls for ticket prices, since Hollywood is certain that this method  will keep costs down in other “greedy” industries?

None of these changes will prevent Hollywood from  remaining prosperous if all of the Hollywood liberals’ assertions regarding  others are correct — right?  So who will be the first to step up — Moore?  — Clooney? — Sarandon?  Don’t hold your breath!

By  the way — Hollywood needs to do something about all of the explosions in those  action flicks.  That really can’t be good for their carbon footprint.   It’s time for green bombs (no, not Al Gore’s flick) in the motion picture  industry.


About Those “Greedy” Rich

Must read by Walter E. Williams over at Townhall.  Should The Rich Be Condemned?

Class warfare thrives on ignorance about the sources of income. Listening to some of the talk about income differences, one would think that there’s a pile of money meant to be shared equally among Americans. Rich people got to the pile first and greedily took an unfair share. Justice requires that they “give back.” Or, some people talk about unequal income distribution as if there were a dealer of dollars.

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Why Government is Bankrupting America

Great Newsmax article by Wayne Allyn Root. 

Why is America broke? It’s the bloated number of government employees. It’s their wages (salaries 40 percent to 70 percent above the private sector) and their pensions that are destroying the U.S. economy and creating a lifetime of unsustainable debt for future generations.

Read more on Newsmax.com: Gov’t Pay, Benefits Bankrupting America


Dear 99%…

A must read American Thinker article.  It contains an anonymous letter (from the “1%”) that was dropped from a Chicago office building onto the protesters.

Go ahead and continue to take us down, but you’re only going to hurt yourselves. What’s going to happen when we can’t find jobs on the Street anymore? Guess what: We’re going to take yours.

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‘Stimulate’ Oakland

My article as originally published in American Thinker:

Paul Krugman must be watching the news on the Occupy protests with bated breath.  You see if things keep going the way of the Oakland protests, he won’t have to wait for aliens to invade in order to see his grand idea of economic “stimulus” play out.

Last night at the Occupy Oakland strike, angry “stimulators” broke out windows at a Bank of America building (that’s what they get for passing on regulatory costs in the form of fees) and caused more damage at several other locations such as the Whole Foods Market. (see Occupy Oakland builds bonfire, trashes Whole Foods, banks, clashes with police overnight)

Who needs the unnecessary risk of a UFO taking out too much of a city when we have thousands of protestors throughout the nation that are willing and able to do their part to help “stimulate” the economy by creating thousands of jobs that would otherwise not exist.  Think of all of the people that either are or will be put to work due to all of these protesters and the damage they cause — garbage collectors, police, firemen, landscapers (all union of course) and now glaziers.  The list will no doubt grow.

Obama may even be able to forget about trying to push a new, new “jobs bill” if all of these protests end up getting destructive enough.

Of course those of us that are grounded in reality understand this is merely akin to trying to fill a swimming pool by taking water from the shallow end and dumping it into the deep end.  Better yet, Frederic Bastiat’s example: The Broken Window in his 1850 essay That Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen, may be more relevant to our current times.

Maybe Obama should stop referring to these protests as “Occupy” movements and start calling them what he most likely thinks they are: “Stimulate Wall Street”, “Stimulate Chicago”, “Stimulate Oakland”, etc.  If Obama gets lucky, maybe before this is all over there will end up being a bridge somewhere that needs rebuilding.