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European Socialism: Epic Failure

Good American Thinker piece on the failure of European socialism: European Health Care: Economic Malpractice

If the individual states of our nation are a laboratory of democracy, then the states of Europe are the laboratory of socialism. What we are witness to in Greece, and eventually in Spain, Italy, and possibly France, is the painful death of the welfare state


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Time to Do the Math

There has to be a candidate out there that can articulate this message:

As we enter 2012, the presidential candidates would do well to wrap their minds and messages around these seven mathematical facts:

  1. Every day, the U.S. government takes in $6 billion and spends $10 billion. This means that every day the federal government spends $4 billion more dollars than it has.
  2. The real unemployment rate is a jaw-dropping 11 percent……….

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Don’t Wait For Congress — Give Yourself a Tax Cut (Update)

My article as originally published in American Thinker

As usual President Obama and the Democrats want to have it both ways on an issue. As Rush insightfully pointed out during his show today, from the very inception of Social Security, the Democrats have claimed that it was not an entitlement program but rather a “retirement” program. That it was not a tax but an actual “investment” in your own future that you were funding and that it was kept in a “lock-box” separate from the general funds. Most of us now realize that the only thing the vault that the Social Security funds are supposedly locked away in is good for is hearing ones own voice echo (Obama should like that).

All of a sudden President Obama wants us to believe that the very future of this Nation is riding on an additional two month extension of employees not having to “contribute” to their government required “retirement plans” called Social Security. Because they now think that being on the side of “tax cuts” will benefit the Democratic Party, what they had previously called a “contribution” is now called a “tax” for political gain.

So which is it — a retirement program or an entitlement program? Is it a contribution or a tax? Whatever you want to call it, this two month extension is the economic equivalent of pouring a liter of water on a withering acre of vineyard during a drought and expecting it to bear fruit. Americans need a growing economy, not what equates to free TV cable for two months.

If we’re going to fall for the Democrat’s bait-and-switch of definitions and assume that their idea will work then what is the point in waiting for Congress to act? We can receive a “tax cut” right now. Following their logic, we can accomplish the same thing if we stop funding our current retirement plans for two months. Just stop contributing (paying taxes) to those IRA’s and 401K’s. If the Democrats are correct in their assertions, doing this should really get the economy roaring. I know — something doesn’t add up.

Of course if the Democrats have really changed their tune about tax cuts then I’m sure there’ll be plenty for them to cordially discuss with Republicans the next time they sit down at the table with them. I wouldn’t hold my breath though if I were you.

Update:  House passes Senate payroll tax holiday extension: Hotair.com

Experienced Intellectuals


Are all intellectuals created equal?

From Human Events: Milton Friedman, Blue Collar Intellectual

Those tough times, very much analogous to our own, made rock stars of John Maynard Keynes​ and Milton Friedman​. That the applied prescriptions of the latter worked, and those of the former did not, has something to do with actual work, i.e., labor. Only people who don’t work in the real world could stubbornly tether themselves to theories that don’t work in the real world.

It may also be best to take parenting advice from those that actually have — children.

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Randall Hoven on Geoffrey R. Stone’s Huffington Post column

Reaganomics or Obamanomics…you decide.

If you had a fact-checking computer and you put Geoffrey R. Stones Huffington Post column, Obama on Republican Economic Policy: “It Doesn’t Work” in it, your computer would smoke, sputter and blow up. He makes Paul Krugman and Ezra Klein, the Don Quixote-Sancho Panza duo of post-modern economics, look reality-based. His errors-per-word ratio is off the charts


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A Not-So-Bright Idea Placed on Hold

My article as originally published in American Thinker

It is encouraging that the ridiculous incandescent light bulb ban has been placed on temporary hold. But that is just part of the story when it comes to the government’s social engineering of energy usage.

The light bulb ban was certainly an annoying case that jolted everyone, got their attention, and generated much resistance, but here in California forced energy savings have been going on for quite some time.

In kitchens it used to be fairly easy to comply with these regulations. The first switch had to control a high efficiency luminaire such as a fluorescent. So we often had to add fluorescent under cabinet lights to the recessed ceiling can lights that most people wanted. This increased costs, both construction costs and overall total wattage, but it complied with the regulation.

The new Title-24 requirements are a little more stringent. Now 50% of the total connected Wattage in the kitchen must come from a high efficiency (poor color rendering fluorescent or expensive LED) lighting source. Sounds like a feel good solution that will save energy right? Not necessarily.

You start with what the customer wants (what a concept) for kitchen lighting. Let’s say that they want six recessed and three pendant incandescent lights. You will use 65W lamps in the cans and 40W in the pendants but you must calculate for their maximum rated Wattage which is usually 100W. That adds up to 900W in this case. So if you want to use the incandescent lights and satisfy the client as well as the government you have to come up with an additional 900W of lighting from a high efficiency source in order to have the government sign off on your work. If this kitchen had room for six fluorescent under-cabinet lights that only gets you to 156W. If you want to stay with the original design you are forced to add an additional 744W of high efficiency lighting in order to comply. Trust me — we find a way to comply.

That’s just the requirements for the kitchen. In bathrooms you’re forced to install expensive occupancy sensor switches if your fixtures aren’t high efficiency. Throughout the rest of the house every switch that controls an “evil” incandescent light has to be a dimmer. All outdoor lighting must be high efficiency as well. If it isn’t, it must be controlled by an annoying motion detector that has a built-in daylight sensor (I wonder if those get disconnected after inspection?).

Having all of these wonderful energy saving products available for people to freely choose is one thing (I really like LED) but unfortunately, as is the case with most of the Left’s social engineering projects, the end results are much different than the original intentions. They’re not as bright as they think they are.

What’s wrong with saving energy? As far as I’m concerned absolutely nothing — as long as it’s voluntary. But tossing aside the free market and forcing inferior or highly expensive products upon Americans is — un-American

Bill Whittle’s Done it Again

Produced a great video that is.  This is a must watch: A Voters’ Guide To Republicans 

Read and watch at Hotair.com

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Occupy Wall Street and the Liberal Elites

American Thinker: Occupy Wall Street: the Id of the Liberal Elite

Occupy Wall Street has never been about what the occupying young people have had to say. It has been about creating a window of opportunity for left-leaning commentators and political activists to seize control of the national conversation leading up to the November 2012 elections. It is meant to be the launching point for a revolution. And if the revolution has to turn violent, so be it.

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“We hold these Truths to be self-evident…”

Good read by David Limbaugh: About Those Self-Evident Truths

Because we face an existential threat to the nation in our exploding discretionary and entitlement spending, we rightly aim our rhetoric against the deficits and the debt. That’s critically important, but in the process, do we forget to explain that we favor smaller government also as a matter of principle? Do we make the case that we oppose a bigger and more intrusive government because a) it is incompatible with what we stand for — robust political liberty — and b) other than metastasizing and swallowing up the private sector and our individual liberties, government does only a few things well?

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More taxpayer dollars down the drain?

One of these is same test whose results leaked last week, showing that LightSquared substantially interfered with 75% of the general-purpose GPS receivers tested; this is the review that LightSquared and its lobbyists apparently thought would significantly change the conclusion of the test. Oops!

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