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My article as originally published in American Thinker:

Telling someone that they’re ‘full-of-baloney’ is another way of letting them know that what they are saying is nothing more than nonsense, twaddle, claptrap, drivel or just a flat-out lie. Baloney (AKA bologna) is a low-grade sausage made of finely minced meat parts and cubes of lard.

Nancy Pelosi once again hinted that she has information that would keep Newt Gingrich from becoming President. Newt fired back:

Look, I think if she knows something she ought to say it. If she doesn’t know something she ought to quit saying it. But this is baloney. I don’t think any Republican is going to be threatened by Nancy Pelosi. Frankly, I’d rather have her threaten me than endorse me. So I feel pretty good about it. If she has something, bring it out.

Speaking of baloney, Pelosi has a long history of being ‘full-of-it’. I could fill a book so I’ll just list a few of my favorites:

While she was discussing Obamacare she said: “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

Unemployment checks create jobs? Really? They do according to Nancy: “It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.”

Fossil fuels make a great alternative to — fossil fuels. Yes she said this: “”I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels,” she said at one point. Natural gas “is cheap, abundant and clean compared to fossil fuels,” she said at another. ”

Human Events’ latest article on the perils of Nancy Pelosi shows that her incoherent thinking is much less than harmless and gives ten examples.

I’m thinking that minced chunks of various animal parts mixed with lard don’t sound so harmful after all. Perhaps baloney deserves a reprieve from its long held stigma. I can think of no one more deserving of taking baloney’s place than Nancy Pelosi. Just as Mr. Ponzi was awarded a place in history for his deeds.

So the next time you call someone out on their hogwash, rubbish or gobbledygook just let them know that they’re really just — Full-of-Pelosi.


Socialism’s Downfall — Reality

Some food for thought from American Thinker:

The siren song of Socialism contains the seeds of destruction that now threaten the very foundations of civilization. Socialism as a disease progresses slowly, but it has been underway for more than a hundred years. The malignancy is now metastasizing. Unfortunately, ours are the generations that will experience its pernicious outcomes.

I suppose we could keep our heads in the sand — or we could start facing reality.

Read the rest at American Thinker  

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What Recovery Mr. Obama?

The MSM, being in the tank for Obama, would never point this stuff out.  Thankfully we now have Big Government.com and the new media.

Last night, at the State of the Union address, President Obama spoke of a recovery, but the evidence for such a recovery doesn’t really exist.

The national unemployment is now 8.5% (December’s), its lowest level since January 2009, but while some saw this welcome news as something to celebrate, it hides a much darker economic picture: the jobs report vastly undercounts the unemployment rate.

Read the rest at Biggovernment.com  

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Bill Whittle Takes on Juan Williams

Bill Whittle has another great Afterburner video out at PJTV.  He masterfully takes on Juan’s race-baiting as seen during the debates.

Watch the video here at PJTV

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Will New York’s Crazy Rent Control Laws be Ended?

The road to hell is paved with good intention as they say.  Big Government has this:

“If you wanted to destroy a city’s housing – short of bombing – the best way to do it is rent control,” says Cato legal associate Trevor Burrus.

While most cities in America long ago got rid of rent control, New York remains a bastion of government-mandated limits on what landlords can charge renters. About 50 percent of New York’s rental market is affected by rent control or rent stabilization, policies that keep rents artificially low and produce housing shortages, higher overall housing costs, and all sorts of corruption.

Read the rest at Biggovernment.com

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About Those Unemployment Numbers

It’s easy to claim unemployment is dropping when you stop counting a large portion of the unemployed.  Investors Business Daily has this:

Initial jobless claims unexpectedly jumped by 24,000 last week to 399,000 as more workers lost their jobs, the Labor Department said Thursday. At the same time, the economy continues to lose workers.

In the 30 months since the recession officially ended, nearly 1 million people have dropped out of the labor force — they aren’t working, and they aren’t looking — according to data from Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the past two months, the labor force shrank by 170,000.

Read the rest and check out the chart at Investors.com

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Can You Tax Your Way to Prosperity?

History shows that it never works but that won’t stop politicians from continuing to prove Einstein’s definition of insanity correct over and over and over.

Last year we discussed the story of how Georgia Governor Nathan Deal wound up having a conversation with Grover Norquist on the subject of taxes. (Who could have guessed that one?) Norquist warned Deal about the dangers of trying to balance the budget by way of jacking up excise taxes on things like tobacco, alcohol or sweetened drinks. The Georgian listened and the plan was tabled.

So how did it work out for the Big Apple?

Read the rest at Hotair.com

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Why Profit is Good


Another great article worth digesting by John Hayward over at Human Events.

The pursuit of profit is often equated to “greed.” Greed is unjustified – the hunger for that which has not been earned. It is also short-sighted and destructive, which is what critics have in mind when they castigate investors for descending upon a company like predators and disemboweling it. Mitt Romney’s company, Bain Capital, specialized in buying troubled companies and attempting to turn them around. How many of those companies would have perished completely without their investment?

Read the rest at Humanevents.com

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Vulture Capitalism

My article as originally published in American Thinker

We’ve been hearing the term “vulture capitalism” tossed around a lot in the last few days with regard to the past business dealings of Mitt Romney with Bain Capital. And much of the criticism has surprisingly been coming from those on the right who we had hoped would help further the cause of free market capitalism.

Vultures are unsightly scavenger birds but they form a vital role in the eco-system just as “vulture capitalists” form a vital role in the free market economic system. Both consume the dead or dying for personal gain.

Most carnivores have no interest in feasting on smelly rotten carcasses that they find laying around. Not only do they find it repulsive but the possibility of becoming deathly ill makes it not worth the risk of doing so. Vultures and other scavengers have adapted to this risk though, and during the process of the scavenger being rewarded for that risk, the eco-system as a whole is in turn rewarded by having vital resources returned to the system where the process is then repeated. Having the land piled up to the treetops with dead bodies or lakes containing nothing but carcasses would do those living within the eco-system no good at all.

Similarly, so-called “vulture capitalists” provide a vital cleansing role (when done within the laws) in a free market economy. When they spot a dead or dying business they evaluate the risk, swoop-in and do what scavengers do — reward their risk by filling their bellies with profit. The entire business might not be defunct at the time and if it’s not, the “vultures”, being experts at what they do, may only consume the dead parts leaving enough valuable resources behind to permit the remaining to survive and prosper for future profits. It’s not real popular or glamorous and it’s a business that most capitalists don’t have the stomach for but it does provide a vital role in the economic food-chain none the less.

Big government “vultures” are a different species entirely. As we’ve seen recently, they tend to team-up with “parasites” and sicken free market capitalism by manipulating the rules to work in the favor of themselves, their friends and those that vote them into power. This creates distortions in the economic food-chain that would not naturally exist in the superior free market. Unfortunately, these distortions drastically reduce the standard of living for most everyone else in the economic food-chain.

A good example of this is what has happened with the recent green energy boondoggles of the Obama Administration. The government vultures and parasites, taking more and more money from the taxpayers, funneled large sums of that money to provide life support for companies that had no chance of survival in the first place. This provided a feast for the crony parasites during the process and for the crony vultures at the end of the process.

Another example is the distortion of the natural business dying process as was seen in the cases of General Motors and Chrysler. Instead of letting the “vulture capitalists” come in and do their job, in the case of GM, the dying patient was placed on tax payer paid life-support without requiring any of the “lifestyle” changes necessary to ensure future survival. And with Chrysler, the entire “food chain” was turned upside-down when the bond holders at the top of the food chain were allowed to be devoured by the crony vultures and parasites, while most of the dying parts were allowed to survive for purely political reasons.

The ravenous government vultures and parasites have just started to go to work on our health care system and I don’t need to tell you that if they’re allowed to continue, things will not end well for us.

This brings me back to Mitt Romney. He recently said this to make a comparison to his so-called “vulture capitalism”:

In the general election I’ll be pointing out that the president took the reins at General Motors and Chrysler – closed factories, closed dealerships laid off thousands and thousands of workers – he did it to try to save the business.

I just can’t help but wonder if Romney is a little confused as to which species of “vulture” he actually is?

If these government vultures and parasites aren’t taken seriously and stopped, I fear most of us will be forced to become coprovores in the near future.

The Proper Answer to Diane Sawyer’s Debate Question

Unfortunately not one of the Republican candidates stepped up to give it.  So Peter Heck at American Thinker did it for them.

Diane, we are living in a country with 9% unemployment, and let’s cut the bull — everyone knows that number doesn’t include the enormous number of people who every week throw up their hands and leave the job market. If those were added, we’ve got closer to 1 in 5 Americans desperately looking for good, steady work.

We’ve got a record number of American families subsisting on food stamps. We’ve wasted a trillion taxpayer dollars on a government stimulus that brought no substantive job growth, but added more crushing debt to the backs of our children……

Read the rest at American thinker

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