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It’s Business that Pays it Forward Not Government

My article as originally published in American Thinker: 

Obama makes it sound as if starting and running a successful business is as easy as ordering fast food from the local government office. “I’ll take a double cheeseburger with extra bacon, an XXL order of fries, two (to stay legal in NYC) 16oz sodas and throw in an Apple on the side — that’s right, the multi-billion dollar corporation — not the fruit.” Those who have actually created a business know better.

It’s true that everyone receives some help and guidance along the path of life but Obama is trying to put the government cart before the private-sector horse in this case. Without private-sector business activity, the government would have zero money to spend on roads, bridges, teachers or anything else for that matter. The money must first be extracted from businesses and the people who work hard and receive their paychecks from those businesses (at least before the Feds started printing money). It’s like a capitalist version of the feel-good movie Pay it Forward if you will. A good deed multiplies exponentially over time. It’s a delicate process and unfortunately Obama’s big government policies are currently stifling business creation and expansion.

 Sure business start-ups today are benefitting from some government services that were paid for by others. But funding for those services can ultimately be traced back to past business start-ups that became successful and created a “branching tree” of tax revenue (and technology) for the government to utilize.

In reality, the ultimate act of Pay it Forward for Americans started when our Founding Fathers risked life, limb and fortune to give us our Constitution. This is the same document that Obama has been ignoring as of late. It’s a document that was created for the sole purpose of limiting what people like Obama would be able to do to “the people” while temporarily in power.

Ironically Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren have had plenty of “help” over the years as well. Warren played American Indian long enough to move up the ranks at Harvard. And Obama has had the help of teleprompters, domestic terrorists , a communist mentor and 100% support of the mainstream media to name just a few. But what have they and their far-left views created for the benefit of society?

Voters need to perform a good deed and Pay it Forward for the next generation by electing Mitt Romney this November.

Thomas Sowell Talks Taxes

Two must-read articles by Thomas Sowell:

The Invincible Lie

Part 1:

Anyone who wants to study the tricks of propaganda rhetoric has a rich source of examples in the statements of President Barack Obama. On Monday, July 9th, for example, he said that Republicans “believe that prosperity comes from the top down, so that if we spend trillions more on tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, that that will somehow unleash jobs and economic growth.”

Let us begin with the word “spend.” Is the government “spending” money on people whenever it does not tax them as much as it can? Such convoluted reasoning would never pass muster if the mainstream media were not so determined to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil when it comes to Barack Obama.

Read the rest at The American Spectator

Part 2:

Nothing produces more of a sense of the futility of facts than seeing someone in the mass media repeating some notion that has been refuted innumerable times over the years.

On July 9th, on CNN’s program “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, commentator Gloria Borger discussed President Obama’s plan to continue the temporary extension of the tax rates established under the Bush administration — except for the top brackets, where Obama wanted the tax rates raised.

Ms. Borger said, “if you’re going to lower the tax rates, where are you going to get the money from?”

Read the rest at The American Spectator       

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Why High Tax Rates are Harmful

So what is the true cost of tax “fairness.”

Raising tax rates on upper-income earners is an appealing idea to many people. The President certainly hopes that it is. The most common argument against the idea is that it would diminish the incentive for business owners to invest, hire, and grow their businesses. Although that is all too true, it’s only one kind of damage done by high marginal tax rates. Even if we were not in a recession, more tax progressivity would still be a bad idea.

It’s well known that taxes reduce economic effort. If you want less of something, tax it. That, by itself, reduces wealth creation and economic growth. Less well recognized, however, is that high tax rates misdirect and misallocate economic activity.

Read the rest at The American Spectator    

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Is Norway a Successful Example of Euro Socialism?

Those on the Left may want to take a closer look.

From Randall Hoven at American Thinker:

I think of Norway as the Bono of countries. It likes to preach to the rest of us how to be good citizens of the world. In the meantime, it makes money hand-over-fist by being one of the biggest of the Big Oil gorillas. It drills for it. It drills for it in the ocean. It sells it. It owns a major oil company. It increases its carbon footprint while the rest of Europe shrinks its own.

Read the rest at American Thinker:     

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Happy Independence Day?

A collection of articles from around the web:

 From American Thinker:

June 2012 – and especially its last week – was ripe with ominous metaphor, all revolving around the Supreme Court’s decision on June 28th to uphold President Barack Obama’s signature health-care reform legislation, the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

For those not in the know, the highest court in the land – the historic mission of which was to guard against tyranny by ensuring that laws passed by Congress abide by the constraints imposed by our Constitution – has now rubber-stamped the most comprehensive expansion of federal power since the New Deal.

Read the rest at American Thinker

From Human Events:

The Declaration of Independence was America’s first foreign policy document. It proclaimed to the world in 1776 our intention to become and remain a separate nation, while also expressing America’s political philosophy and the basic aims of government.

Building upon a rich Anglo-Western tradition that fostered virtues of self-government, the Declaration recognizes the popular sovereignty of the American people — comprised of individuals possessing rights that no government can take away. That is the idea of liberty, and the Declaration says it exists and has existed for all time in all places for all people, in principle. Over time, with great sacrifice and determination, the U.S. constitutional order has been remarkably successful at delivering on the promises of the Declaration for the American people.

Read the rest at Human Events

From PJ Media:

Get out your firecrackers, ladies and gentlemen. This may be the last Fourth of July – at least as we know it.

Yes, I realize that’s a bit hyperbolic. But this is the year our national character is up for a vote. American exceptionalism is on the line. If we lose it, we may never get it back. History will have made the Big Turn.

Now to be honest, just like our president, I was embarrassed by the term American exceptionalism, when I first heard it. I mean why were we special? Who were we to be the boss of the world?

These were the obvious questions that rattled around my brain as a college student and later as a young leftist-type in the period of the civil rights and anti-war movements.

Yet somewhere deep down I was a patriot even then. I knew the free world would not have defeated the Nazis without us. I knew the fight against Soviet communism was a good fight and that we must win.

Read the rest at PJ Media

From Hot Air:

Two hundred and thirty-six years ago, a beleaguered but defiant group of men created the most magnificent declaration of liberty and human rights in history. It changed the world forever, and ended the heretofore universal model of a permanent ruling class in favor of self-government.

Read the rest at Hot Air

From Townhall:

Who but the boldest could believe that the signers of the Declaration of Independence were laying the foundation of the greatest constitutional republic in history? Now that republic has spread across the continent, and its influence reaches around the world. Its population has increased a hundredfold. Its Constitution has provided government to a free people constantly growing in size and territory, each new state joining the union as an equal, its citizens never subjects, its people ever free. There is no story close to it in the history of man.

Statesmen and thinkers have attributed the strength and goodness of the nation to the principles in the Declaration. Many others have denied this. Statesmen and thinkers have proclaimed the Constitution a just and beautiful implementation of the principles of the Declaration. Many others have denied this. These denials are more common in times of crisis in our country. They are very common now.

Read the rest at Townhall

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The Obamacare Tax Fix

My article as originally published in American Thinker:   

Of course President Obama lied when he said that the individual mandate contained within the ACA was “not a tax.” But it was the only way he could force this medicine through Congress and down the throats of “the people,” so the end justified the means in this case. And thanks to Roberts, it appears the unpopularity of raising taxes can be avoided in future cases as well.

As the truth about this enormous tax increase begins to settle in, many in the middle-class (think independents) will start to make some noise about the fact that their taxes will go up despite Obama’s promise that those who earn less than $250K a year wouldn’t see a penny of tax increase under Obama’s watch.

So would it really surprise anyone if Obama now tried to become a middle-class hero and campaigned on “fixing” Obamacare — if reelected — by shifting the “unfair” burden of this tax (while pointing out who brought the issue before the Supreme Court and caused it to become a tax) away from the middle-class and poor and onto the backs of the “rich” who can better tolerate the burden and should be paying their “fair share” anyway.

Obama has already shown that he is willing to say or do anything regardless of truth or Constitutionality so why not?