Time For Your “Free” Annual ObamaCare Exam

January 18, 2018

Time For Your “Free” Annual ObamaCare Exam

Just make sure you don’t have anything else wrong with you.  Dr. Peter Weiss writes at PJ Media:

I have now posted a notice in my office and each exam room stating exactly what Obamacare will cover for those yearly visits. Remember Obama promised this as a free exam — no co-pay, no deductible, no charge. That’s fine and dandy if you are healthy and have no complaints. However, we are obligated by law to code specifically for the reason of the visit. An annual exam is one specific code; you can not mix this with another code, say, for rectal bleeding. This annual visit covers the exam and “discussion about the status of previously diagnosed stable conditions.” That’s the exact wording under that code — insurance will not cover any new ailment under that code.

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