February 25, 2018


Scott 2013What is Politiseeds?

The [seeds] in Politiseeds are about taking everyday political issues that are important to Americans and breaking them down into their basic forms – seeds if you will. The seeds of conservative thought – an attempt to reach the truth. The left has been highly effective with their seeds and over time too many un-truths have become the accepted doctrine. For example: “the rich need to pay their fair share”. Politiseeds attempts to dispel these un-truths using new seeds backed up with the necessary research to solidify the points being made. It is our hope that these seeds will take root and grow, so that one day a statement such as “the rich need to pay their fair share” will be met with informed resistance.

Links to articles from other websites containing current events or discussions thought to be informative will be posted here as well.

Scott’s Articles

Scott attempts to take complicated or boring political issues and make them more palatable and easily understandable for the non-political junkie.  He attempts to do this through the use of humor, analogies and sometimes satire. Brevity is also an important factor in his writing.

About Scott

Scott was born in San Rafael,California in 1969 – a fourth generation Californian.  He currently lives in the foothills near Sacramento,California with his wife of eighteen years and two children.

He has owned and operated a small electrical contracting firm since 1996.  Over the years his work has appeared in magazines such as Architectural Digest and Sunset.

He recently started writing out of deep concern for what the future will hold for his own children as well as generations to come.  It is his hope is that you will find the information contained in Politiseeds thought-provoking, refreshing, humorous and informative.



Scott Mayer

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