December 18, 2014


The [seeds] in Politiseeds are about taking everyday political issues that are important to Americans and breaking them down into their basic forms – seeds if you will. The seeds of conservative thought – an attempt to reach the truth. The left has been highly effective with their seeds and over time too many un-truths have become the accepted doctrine. For example: “the rich need to pay their fair share”. Politiseeds attempts to dispel these un-truths using new seeds backed up with the necessary research to solidify the points being made. It is our hope that these seeds will take root and grow, so that one day a statement such as “the rich need to pay their fair share” will be met with informed resistance.

Education Spending Has Increased Nearly Threefold In 40 Years

This is after adjusting for inflation.

So why are we always told that more money is needed? 

Why is the quality of education declining?

Here are some useful links (more will be added over time):

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